Salary Benchmarking

Get granular real-time compensation data specific to company size, industry, and location

Federal and State Labor Law Compliance

Regular audits of your business to ensure local, state, and federal labor compliance

Onboard & Offboard Interviews

Initial interviews to ensure culture-fit and exit interviews to track trends to make improvements to your business

Training and Development Programs

Designed to improve employee morale, productivity, and retention

Business Culture Enhancement Programs

Solutions to help enhance your overall business environment to attract and retain employees

Employee Handbook Development and Revisions

Protect yourself from costly unemployment claims and lawsuits with an up-to-date employee handbook

Employee Relations Management

Avoid conflict in the workplace with the tools necessary to promote positive employee relations

Employee Benefits Administration Review and Strategy

Our team of experts help take the hassle and confusion out or understanding the complexities of employee benefits

Performance Management

Need guidance tracking employee performance and productivity? Our performance management solutions can help

Keynote Speaking Engagements

Founder, Professor, and Author, Dr. Giffen will tailor a keynote address specific to your company's meeting objectives, ensuring maximum engagement and motivation

Human Resource Department, Safety, and Risk Audits

We partner with your HR and Safety teams to conduct third party audits to ensure compliance from the local, state, and federal levels

Leadership & Management Development Direction

1 and 10 people possess the talent to manage. We help managers find the passion within and deliver to ensure their teams are productive and motivated to perform


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