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Ryan Giffen, Ph.D.

airline companies

How Airline Companies Are Improving Their Image Through Better Customer Service

If you’ve ever flown on a plane, you know that with airline companies there are several things that can potentially go wrong.  Flights can be delayed, overbooked, or canceled. Flying can be stressful, and bad customer service will make it that much worse. This may seem like a minor detail, but after dealing with what may seem like chaos throughout the security[...]

employee retention

Employee Retention: How to Keep Key Staff

A crucial component to having a successful business is having good employee retention.  Constantly replacing key staff members is problematic on multiple levels. It looks bad on paper and can make potential new hires wary of what they are getting into.  It is also a pain for you as a company to have to find, hire, and train employees in important positions[...]

chronic absenteeism

Dealing with Chronic Absenteeism in Your Workplace

Operating a workforce of any size can come with a wide array of challenges, with one of these being scheduling and punctuality. Tardiness or absenteeism, if not curbed, can become a far too often occurrence. It can go from once in a while to weekly or monthly in the blink of an eye. Although, there are methods to help resolve chronic absenteeism. Handling Chronic[...]

disgruntled employee

5 Tips for Dealing with a Disgruntled Employee

When it comes to operating a company, employees are the most valuable asset. Employees are what keep a company productive, operating smoothly, and being financially positive. This is why it is important to keep employees in a positive and happy state of mind. Of course, there are times where an employee becomes disgruntled. This can be difficult to deal with. Fortuna[...]

employee turnover

Preventing Employee Turnover in Your Hotel

Employees are the most important part of running a business. Unfortunately, many businesses continue to have problems finding or keeping their employees. In fact, the turnover rate is an issue in numerous industries, with one of these being the hotel industry. There are ways to help prevent employee turnover within your hotel. Here are some tips on how. Uncontroll[...]

age discrimination

Age Discrimination: What You Need to Know

There are several factors to consider when deciding an individual for employment. But certain characteristics of an individual should have no bearing on their employability. However, employers often make hiring and firing decisions based on such characteristics. Sometimes this occurs consciously. On the other hand, it most commonly occurs with no knowledge of state[...]

company culture

Creating a Fun Company Culture

Work is not always the most exciting aspect of life, but it is a necessary one. There are many people who love their job and it may not be boring or hard. But for many, some days can be difficult to get through. Creating a fun company culture can have a positive impact on your employees. There are numerous factors involved when it comes to workplace happiness and[...]

guest services

Running a Successful Guest Services Desk

Almost everyone has heard the phrase, “the customer is always right.” While there may be exceptions to this rule, it is often true. In the hotel industry customers are referred to guests, and it is true that they are almost always "right". This maxim is even more important in the hotel industry, as they have a role dedicated to guest services. The guest services[...]

restaurant jobs

3 Reasons Restaurant Jobs Have High Turnover

Turnover rate is generally a concern for every single industry. It is difficult when employees are not sticking around or a company is lacking a good staff. Every industry has its own rate of turnover. Restaurant jobs have one of the highest. The reasons for a high turnover rate can be numerous but here are some that are the most common in the restaurant industry.[...]