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Ryan Giffen, Ph.D.


Employee Performance Management-The Easy Way

If you're a leader or supervisor in the role of managing employee performance and find yourself struggling with delivering performance reviews, listen in on some simple steps you can take to deliver effective performance reviews that will likely motivate employees and help build a business culture while retaining great employees.[...]


Employee Turnover and the Toxicity Behind Workplace Cultures

Poor workplace culture cost the U.S. economy $223 billion in the last five years. Why? Because employees left managers who they believed created a corrosive environment. What can HR and leadership do to drive more profit to the bottom line? Listen in as Dr. Giffen provides 3-ideas on how to create a fun culture that will retain your employees longer.  [...]

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Preventing Workplace Bullying

Operating a business is difficult when it comes to relationships between workers. Having a harmonious workforce leads to the most production possible. Sour relationships create lower numbers and profits. An even worse level of disharmony can occur when there is workplace bullying going on. This can lead to lowered numbers, dropped morale, and even the loss of good em[...]


How to Avoid an $11M Age Discrimination Lawsuit

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) has been the law of the land since 1967.  However, whether willfully or not, company's like Google continue to get sued for allegedly discriminating towards persons over the age of 40.  In a recent case  Heath v. Google LLC, No. 15-cv-01824 (N.D. California July 19, 2019), Google settled an age discrimina[...]

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Abusive Supervisor? Time to Document Them Out!

So much is at stake when a supervisor over exerts their authority and is abusive to employees.  Some jurisdictions such as California have employment laws that prohibit abuse, including harassment and bullying.  When a claim is brought forth, be prepared to pay several thousands (or millions) to defend and likely settle the claim.  It takes only one ab[...]

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Looking to Scale Your Business? A Competitive HR Monthly Subscription Can Help!

Often, Human Resource (HR) consultants charge clients anywhere from $75 to $350 per hour (sometimes more) for services related to employee relation issues, regulatory compliance advice, training & development and much more.  It’s no wonder why small business owners may have difficulty investing in sound HR practices.  Unfortunately, if the investment[...]

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The Product Slider

Build unlimited product sliders with the Oakley theme. Each slider includes up to eight affiliate links with matching images in each post. Click on the post to see the custom product slider in the single post view. Fugitio nsecae liquam re natiis res staecon corrorest quiducit fuga. Itatio quos et doluptis earciatur? Totatur Am aliquam cum faccum necuptat pe idem[...]

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Internal Customer Email Etiquette-10 Recommendations

Research indicates on average; one employee wastes 7 hours of productivity per week in unnecessary or poor use of electronic mail.  For a company of 165-employees averaging $28.00 per hour/employee, that's a loss of $32,340 per week or $1,681.680 per year on unnecessary email usage.  Moreover, research also indicates that email communication (for most topics) is mis[...]

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Why Should I Invest in a Human Resources Department?

As a small to mid-size business, why should I invest in a human resources (HR) department?  Well, I argue this question by expressing the same reason why I need an Accountant.  It is all about being PROACTIVE and not REACTIVE! The likelihood of my advisory firm going under an IRS audit is unlikely.  However, when (not should) that day come, I want to en[...]

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Employee Training and Turnover: A Correlation?

Training and development (T&D) in the hotel industry is often viewed as costly.  Choi and Dickson (2009) found that hospitality companies do not value training and as a result, hotel companies do not invest in T&D.  Moreover, Choi and Dickson (2009) argued that well-executed management training programs could reduce turnover and increase job satisfaction. [...]