Robots Taking Your Jobs with Giovanni Prada

First, Dr. Giffen rants about bad bosses in the restaurant industry and why we love to hate them. Then, we have a conversation with Giovanni Prada a corporate director of digital marketing for a hospitality group where we discuss robots and the possibility of taking over your jobs. Lastly, we dive into the final segment of the MOD report. We don't want to give too m[...]

Employee Performance Management-The Easy Way

If you're a leader or supervisor in the role of managing employee performance and find yourself struggling with delivering performance reviews, listen in on some simple steps you can take to deliver effective performance reviews that will likely motivate employees and help build a business culture while retaining great employees.[...]

Employee Turnover and the Toxicity Behind Workplace Cultures

Poor workplace culture cost the U.S. economy $223 billion in the last five years. Why? Because employees left managers who they believed created a corrosive environment. What can HR and leadership do to drive more profit to the bottom line? Listen in as Dr. Giffen provides 3-ideas on how to create a fun culture that will retain your employees longer.  [...]