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Looking to Scale Your Business? A Competitive HR Monthly Subscription Can Help!

Often, Human Resource (HR) consultants charge clients anywhere from $75 to $350 per hour (sometimes more) for services related to employee relation issues, regulatory compliance advice, training & development and much more.  It’s no wonder why small business owners may have difficulty investing in sound HR practices.  Unfortunately, if the investment of an HR infrastructure is lacking, those HR Consultant rates are chump change compared to attorney fees, settlements, or a lawsuit.  So what can a business owner do on a limited budget? 

Inospire provides a simple monthly subscription service that provides small to mid-sized employers biannual HR compliance audits, quarterly training & development courses for leaders and supervisors, an employee hotline, direct access to an HR professional, and much more!  Other services could be added onto the monthly subscription. For example, the employer could have Inospire conduct on-boarding and off-boarding phone interviews.  Alternatively, Inospire can provide on-site HR presence to meet the direct needs of the organization. 

In sum, business owners who are looking to scale their business while balancing business goals of profitability and regulatory compliance don’t have to go at it alone.  Owners can have a strategic HR professional at a low monthly subscription that will help them navigate the employment process from selection to off-boarding.

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